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Clean, Fresh Drinking Water – Delivery for Offices and Homes

Fresh, clear pure drinking water delivered straight to your door. Tip Top Water is a leading water supplier providing water machines, dispensers and bottled water to businesses and individuals throughout the city. With quality and purity at the priority of our water supply, Tip Top Water is some of the freshest water available for delivery. There are numerous benefits to pure, distilled water, whether it’s the refreshing experience for your customers, or providing your staff the right water to keep them going throughout the day.

Crisp, distilled mineral water for the healthy choice

At Tip Top, we aim to provide the highest quality drinking water to professionals and families. Our founder, Edmond Tsui, has devoted his time to develop a global bottled water industry that serves the purest, freshest water available. We have a variety of water options available so you can choose the type that suits you.

  • Distilled water: The purest water you can find. Fresh, crisp and clean of any other chemicals.
  • Pure natural water: This variety contains more oxygen for better health. Oxygenated water improves digestion, boosts immune defence and maintains a healthy pH range.
  • Mineralized water: This water has no impurities just like the rest of our range, but has added minerals including magnesium for that extra health boost.

Order the right water today

So, whether you’re looking for hot and cold water dispensers and coolers for the office, or want to taste fresh bottled water at home, Tip Top Water is Hong Kong’s leading supplier of pure, mineralized, natural water. Nothing could be clearer and more refreshing.

We guarantee hassle-free maintenance, reliable and trusted delivery and products at a reasonable price. Everyone deserves fresh water, and it’s Tip Top’s mission to provide it to our customers with ease. Order your supply today to enjoy better water.


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