Tip Top Water Group
Experienced Management, a Guarantee of Good Quality and Service
Tip Top was found by Mr Edmond Tsui, a 30-year veteran in the bottled water industry. Trained as an engineer, Mr Tsui returned to Hong Kong from Canada in 1983 to manage the infant production line of a big corporate and was promoted to act as the Asia Regional Managing Director and Global Corporate Advisor for the water business.
Mr Tsui also devoted to contribute his expertise to develop the bottled water industry globally. Between year 1997 and 2001, he served the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) as their vice president and president respectively. During his presidency, he introduced an independent plant audit system to some 30 countries in Asia to safeguard water quality of member bottlers. As a result the industry was able to develop healthily.
More Brands in 1 Family, the Expert in High Quality Potable Water
Under the leadership of Mr Tsui, Tip Top acquired 3 bottled water companies in 2003, 2005 and 2015 respectively. This does not only widen our product lines but also enlarges our customer base.
Brands that Tip Top acquired include Healthy Spring Pure Natural Water, Healthy Drinking Mineralized Water and Aqua Pure Distilled Water (Carboy water business). Tip Top Water Group is now the only company that offers 3 different types of bottled water in Hong Kong. Our products include: Tip Top Pure Distilled Water, Tip Top Pure Natural Water and Tip Top Mineralized Water.
Focus leads to Professional
Tip Top focuses on bottled water business development. Resources are all allocated in the water business including production line, product development and human resources to ensure the quality, product choice and service which fit customers' needs.
To ensure the highest quality standards are achieved, Tip Top invested in state-of-the-art U.S. production line and quality assurance system to ensure every drop of water produced is the purest. Important data such as pH, conductivity, turbidity, total dissolved solid, total bacteria counts and coliform counts etc. are monitored on a regular basis.
In addition, Tip Top has a series of water dispensers and accessories for customers to choose from. Different types of Dispenser Sanitizing and Maintenance Services are also available.
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