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Tip Top Mineralized Water 

Tip Top Mineralized Water, former name: Healthy Drinking Mineralized Water, was found in 1995.  It was the first company producing mineralized water in Hong Kong. 

Tip Top Mineralized Water is formulated to provide a consistent taste and mineral content. It is much more suitable for human body. Our local municipal water gone through series of NASA's approved water purifying processes (organic membrane high pressure filtration method) to produce pure natural water that contains no impurity but more oxygen. Food grade minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, (no Sodium) are then added back using a formula that creates a pleasant tasting thirst quencher.

Volume             : 5 Gallon¡¡( 18.9 L )¡¢3 Gallon¡¡( 11.3 L )¡¢5 L