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Dispenser Sanitizing and Maintenance


To ensure our customers can enjoy the quality potable water through their dispensers, it is recommended to clean and sanitize the dispenser every 9 months.  Tip Top offers Dispenser Cleaning & Sanitizing program with reasonable price.  If you need cleaning and sanitizing service for your dispenser, feel free to call us for inquiries.


Why is it needed to clean and sanitize the dispenser?


1. Dispensers use air pressure to pump water out.  They draw air in and then pump water out.  There are impurities such as dust, bacteria in the air.  Those impurities will be drawn into dispensers with the air.  If impurities stay in dispensers too long, they will contaminate the water and affect your health directly.


2. If the environment that the dispenser placed in is dirty, dispenser might become a place for insects to stay.